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2015 Easter Convoy to Konik refugee camp – Montenegro

Click here to read the convoy report, here to see pictures from this convoy and here to watch a short film of some of the images.


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What do we do, and who we are?

Hope and Aid Direct is a registered charity that delivers Humanitarian Aid. – The aid is delivered, usually in a convoy of Lorries, and usually twice a year, directly into the hands of the people that need it. We are not affiliated to any political or religious organisations.
lorryOur work is carried out entirely by volunteers (ordinary people) who raise their own funds, gather together their own aid, source and drive their own transport, and then finally undertake the distribution.
We work hand in hand with outside organisations such as the British Army, United Nations High Commissioner for refugees (UNHCR), Embassies, the Foreign Office and various other local Non-Governmental Organisations (NGO’s) for example the Mother Theresa Society, to facilitate entry to each Country, to provide security if required, to identify the needy, and to act as our interpreters.
We are not an organisation that can change governments or stop wars or disasters, but we do make a world of difference for vulnerable individuals and families.
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